Yup, hopefully you guessed what this post is about by the title. :teehee:

Yesterday, my mom and I went to a LYS about 30 minutes away (is it still a local yarn store :?? ) because the Malabrigo website listed them as a distributor. Well, I finally got my first feel of the amazing yarn. I was instantly hooked. I decided on the verde colorway.

The skeins were hanging in front of the register, and there happened to be three of the green skeins. My original plan was to buy two, but both my mom and the owner convinced me that three really was better. And who was I to argue (especially when my mom was sooo nice enough to pay :cheering: ).

So, now I not only have enough to do a long enough so called scarf, but also a hat as well. (For which I am currently soliciting pattern ideas in the pattern forum.)

I also picked up this lovely Art Yarns hand-painted superwash merino wool colorway 152.

I’ll post pictures tomorrow, when it’s not so late.

ooOOOOOoooooo Malabrigo! Soooo soft and beautiful! Congrats on your first aquisition and after knitting with it and sure more will follow you home!