MMMMMMMMMMalabrigo question

I signed up to do a block/month class at my LYS. I am trying to decide between three yarns for this.

  1. Malabrigo in a lovely rust/green combo
  2. Berroco Ultra Alpaca in a heathered tan
  3. Galway chunky in either a heathered navy or a burgundy.

While of course the malabrigo is far and away my favorite, I am a bit concerned that the multi-colored aspect of it will lose stitch definition - and since the whole point of this is to have all these different blocks…

So…what do you all think??? Anybody used malabrigo in something like this??? With what level of “success”?

Does malabrigo not have solid coloured yarns as well? I thought for sure they did.

Yes they do - and since I am going to have to order anyway, perhaps thats what I need to explore.

I think each square would be beautiful, but I suspect that if you combine different squarrs with the Mmmm, it will look too busy. Solid would be the most wonderfully soft blanket!!!

I would just do simple blocks with the Malabrigo multicolor. If you used a solid color, the stitches wouldn’t show up very well.