Mmmmmmmmmm scarf

Love Silvers pattern:woohoo:and Malabrigo yarn:woot::inlove:

Forgot picture :passedout:

That is a gorgeous color! :heart: I’m gonna make one of those scarfs for myself before long.

Oooo so pretty! It will make a beautiful holiday scarf, too!

That is beautiful momwolf. I really like the colour.

Rita :slight_smile:

(can you tell i watched annie just a few times when i was little? :teehee:)
that colorway was absolutely made for that scarf. which one is it? i really hope they have that one at my lys. it would be sooooo perfect for st. patty’s day!!! :yay:

It looks great!

OHHHH pretty :drool:

:heart:VERY nice!!! Love the color:heart:

[SIZE=4]I love that scarf! [/SIZE][SIZE=1]You did a great job:yay::yay::yay: and the color is perfect. I printed that pattern out when it was posted. I’m thinking of making it with this yarn. What do you think? The yarn is, Reynolds Rapture. colors #515& #808[/SIZE]

I need to get the pattern…Was it a free pattern? Need link…AmyC

Indygirl I think it would look GREAT in those colors:cheering:
Here is the pattern by Silver

And I got the yarn Here color # is 117

whooo i love ur green scarf! its so nice! yay you.that pattern is just so fab.

id go with the blue yarn …or maby red for christmass? hmmm

That is a beautiful scarf!


Beautiful! :inlove:

Oh my gosh, I have GOT to start my Mmmmmmm scarves! Gorgeous!

Does it take more than one skein of MMMMalabrigo?

JamOKnit,Finished this yesterday and ran out of yarn.:tap:I used one skein at 216 yards and got 33 inches of scarf.It is not long enough so have to order more yarn:eyes:

You poor thing … having to go and order more yarn like that!

I think you should go ahead and order a couple skeins - make it nice and long, and then you can just wrap yourself in mmmmal … YUM!

Beautiful job, by the way!!

gorgeous scarf, I love the colour