Mmmmmmmmmalabrigo gruesa

i bought some of this bulky thick/thin malabrigo on a recent sale. it’s gorgeous, of course. but i’m a little concerned that the pattern i’ve chosen (my so called scarf) isn’t really conducive to showing the stitches very well with this thick/thin yarn.

any thoughts? suggestions about another pattern?

maybe i should just make it in seed stitch and be done with it?

thanks in advance!

I had a small amount of thick and thin yarn (it ranged from bulky to sport weight), it wasn’t enough to make a scarf out of, but I made a swatch with it for the my so called scarf pattern. I wanted to see what it was like, and just practice the stitch.
I loved it, it was so pretty, it’s a really pretty stitch pattern, in my opinion. I’d just cast on and see if you like it. You can always pull it apart and put the yarn to some other good use if you don’t like it. That’s the beauty of knitting. :hug:If you’ve already started it, post a picture, and we’ll give our opinions!

I’m making a scarf out of Malabrigo, worsted weight. The Pattern is from Art Yarns and it’s a Modular Diamond Scarf, I really like it because it showcases the yarn and the beautiful variations in color.

thanks! i think i WILL just go ahead and cast on and see how i like it.

your modular diamond scarf will be beautiful. would love to see pics.