MMMMMMMMMalabrigio Felted Question

I know that Patton Wool felts down only about 30%
and SWS Felts down about 75-80%

but how muh does Malabrigio felt down?
i want to make a bag, but I am doing it off the cuff
so I will have to see, and I want this to be a good knitting project bag
not a 2 apple Purse

thanks in advance


I can’t give an exact percentage but I can say that Malabrigo does felt quite a bit (at least 50%). It makes a wonderfully strudy fabric though. I’ve done 2 felted projects with it. I would say plan on at least 50% felting for it. If you have enough the best idea would be to make a swatch and measure it pre and post felting to see how much it shrunk.

Good Luck!

yeah i can’t give a percentage either but i would say the fact that i only had to put it through the machine twice to get it to felt in my front load would indicate that it felts like crazy. It and Manos are the only two that i have not had to really really work at to get them felted!

I would say less than 5 minutes!! It was a good thing I checked on mine. And SWS DOES felt fast…I learned that too :teehee:

I learned my lesson from the SWS
that only decresed about 4" to 2.5"
then the bag dropped a LOT more

so thought I would ask about the marabiglio and felting it
i have some ocher and want to make a BIG knitting bag