Mmmmmmmmalabrigo 4 mmmmmmmeeeee! (Now what do I DO with it?)

I had a long day of therapy and doctor’s appointments and driving 3 hours round trip for the “pleasure” of being analyzed to death. So how do I end that sort of day? I go to my no-longer-local-Yarniverse and indulge in a bit of stash enhancement. The question now is … what do I DO with it? I’ve got these two gorgeous balls (the pictures just don’t do them justice at all. They’re a gorgeous burgundy and a light green.) of Malabrigo … and I have absolutely no plan for them. They’re too pretty for just any old thing. And when I picked up the hanks, the ladies in the yarn store all gasped and said, “That yarn was MADE for you!” It’s burgundy and green and I’m a redhead. These things go well together, apparently. :slight_smile: So now, I need help. What do I do with two balls of gorgeous malabrigo?

I’m making a Diamond Modular Scarf by Art Yarns for my first Malabrigo purchase. It really shows off the yarn. The colors you picked are beautiful.

You can make a small Lucy Bag with two skeins of mmmmm…at first I was resistant to felting it (seemed almost sacreligious!) but omg, it makes the most wonderful, soft, strong felted fabric, and I love my li’l bag so much – I get to look at those gorgeous colors all the time. And people comment on it everywhere I go. :smiley:

Two balls is the perfect amount for an Irish Hiking Scarf.

Here’s my first Malabrigo project in the very same yarn colorway, I think

I think it is the same colorway! Nice to see how it knits up. I’ve got a skein of olive green, too, that I think might coordinate nicely with it, if I ever get it wound up. Right now it’s sitting in my stash like a good stash puppy. (That’s what I call my pet yarn. Stash puppies.)

Thanks for all the help so far. There are just so many possibilities. With an Irish hiking scarf, wouldn’t the cables get lost in the colors? I don’t know. It’s intriguing, to say the least.

I’ve considered a hat and wristwarmers, possibly doing Coronet from knitty, but I’ve got the same concern about the cables, so I thought about doing the cabled band in the solid olive green. There are so many possibilities! I am totally in love with this yarn, though. I’ve loved Malabrigo since I first got hold of some about a year (?) ago. This might be my favorite colorway I’ve worked with, though.

Have you seen this WIP?

I hadn’t seen that, no. It’s lovely. But that’s more of a gradual shift and the malabrigo is fairly mottled. I’ll have to think on it. I’ve got an Irish Hiking Scarf that I started forever ago and got about half-way before my interest waned. It’s a great pattern, but I’m not much for scarves. I’ll have to see if I can pick it back up and finish it for my sister-in-law for Christmas.