MMMMMalabrigo scarf and mittens

I love making mittens with this yarn they are soooo soft!

[color=blue]Great job and color! I have a dumb question… will the Malabrigo mittens shrink or felt when the get snowy/wet? :??

sebago, ME[/color]

Oooooh pretty!!! :inlove: How much yarn did it take to make the mittens?

Mittens for Malabrigo! That makes so much sense. You get to touch the yarn every time you wear it. And have it wrapped around your neck in the form of a scarf. Smart girl.

Anne, I don’t think the mittens will felt when they get wet. Felting needs hot water too. Otherwise, it would be impossible to wash any of our hand knits! (where’s the stinky smiley?)

[color=blue] :aww: ah of course… silly me lol.

sebago, ME[/color]

It took a little more than half the hank for the mittens I made for my sister but we have tiny hands a whole hank would make some very large mittens !

MMMMMMMMMarvelous MMMMMMMMalabrigo MMMMMMMMittens and scarf!


what she said mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :heart:

Beautiful!! :cheering:

I actually think it depends on the wearer and the yarn. I made some wool mittens for my youngest son, and with the wet weather and whatever he was doing outside, he did felt the mittens on the palms. They didn’t shrink too bad, he can still wear them, but you can definitely tell the difference.


I love those colors! I just finished my scarf and after seeing your’s I think I’ll make some mittens, too. They’ll be so soft and warm.

:inlove: :inlove:

They look soooo yummy!

They are gorgeous. Well done.

:hug: Sharon


Beautiful colors! Great job! :happydance: