Mmmmalabrigo color help please!

:waving:Hi all you malabrigo addicts! I need some help picking a color. I can’t get mmm at any of lys’s so I must buy it online. I want to knit my brother a scarf for Ohio state football games. Their colors are scarlet and gray. I have no problem finding gray. But the scarlet is proving to be a bit harder since I can’t see them in real life. Can anyone recommend a nice scarlet mmm color? Or am I on a fruitless hunt? Thanks so much!

malabrigo worsted colors
from this page, i would reccomend ‘american beauty’, ‘vermillion’, or 'amoroso’

I don’t think I’ve run into any true scarlets with Malabrigo. The closest I’ve seen would be Sealing Wax, but, with Malabrigo I think it’s best that you see the yarn in real life because there can be big differences between dye lots. Some of the Sealing Wax I’ve seen have had some deep red sections whereas others have had kind of burnt orange undertones.
On they have their line of true solids. American Beauty looks like a decent scarlet but I haven’t seen the true solids in person so I couldn’t really tell you how consistent those are.
Good luck with your search! =)

[B]HollyP[/B], are you in Columbus? If so, Temptations Yarn in Dublin carries Mmmmmalabrigo! In fact, last time I was in there, they had some samples of the laceweight that they were going to be getting in stock soon.

Regardless, they had the worsted and the bulky when I was there a few weeks back!

Thanks so much everyone! I think I may have to find a not so lys to really look at them.Come to think of it I love yarn related road trips! Simplethings that is what I was worried about. I would hate to give him a scarf with orange in it. My other brother(the VT grad on the other hand…)

No, I am not anywhere near Columbus.(9-10 hours away) My Dad went to OSU and my brother decided to go as well. He doesn’t live in Columbus anymore but he will make the trip for a game.

I was just in my shop today and I thought the vermillion was a good red. It was a bit deeper than the picture on the website!


The Amaroso is beautilful! It does have slightly purpley spots though…

Call up the folks at Yarnzilla and let them know what you are looking for. The owner has a great eye for color and would more than likely be able to help you out.