MMMalabrigo Lucy Bag

Andreaa, I love it!!! I have been thinking about making a Lucy for myself…now I MUST!! Which size did you make?

Once again, thanks everyone!

Margie, I made the large bag (worsted weight), but I did 120 rows for the large strap, I didn’t want it with the 200 row shoulder strap.

I’d say it’s A LOT smaller than it should be, but I really like the end result! My bags NEVER look like the pictures in the pattern.

And yes, Pixy, I :heart: purple! :smiley:

I found the bag to be smaller, too, Andrea. I did the next biggest one, and it wasn’t the dimensions stated on the pattern. I have a suspicion, though, that I overfelt…

Oh my gosh, that came out great!! I love how the colors look felted!


I really love the look of that once felted! It really turned out very nice! :thumbsup:

Beautiful! I just love that pattern…might have to add that to the to do list!!