MMMalabrigo half price!

I don’t know if this is the place to post this, but I was cruising the internet looking for a good price on Malabrigo and found this company has a huge clearance sale going on.
All yarn is half price! Malabrigo for $6 per skein! Needless to say, my credit card is smoking!
No affiliation, just dumb luck checking out websites!


Wow, great price…thanks for sharing!! I think I’m definitely going to have to place an order.

ooooh the temptation!!! thanks!

I am broke… so had to break out the “yarn emergency” credit card!

This will be my first ever skein(s) of MMMMMM.

that was the perfect place to post that…lol. i am going shopping this weekend already for yarn! who can resist malabrigo at that price though? awesome!

Sounds tempting…I love the colors paris night and orchid. I may have to buy at least one skein for that price…:slight_smile:

Okay so this is going to sound like a dumb quesion, but what can I make with this yarn?

:shifty: I may have just cleared out two of the colors.

I have satisfied my MMMMMMmalabrigo cravings for at least a little while.

I ordered some Jewel Blue, some Emerald Blue, and the rest of the Hollyhock.

Ah! Now the wait for the postman! :woohoo:

And just for the record, Lisa, when my dh gets the bill I’m blaming it on you. :happydance:


The temptation won out… I ordered 2 skeins of paris night, 1 skein of purple mystery and 1 skein of red mahogany…:angelgrin:

What colors, Jenn?

Inquiring minds want to know!:poke:


Uh-oh. We’re gonna have a problem. Her site doesn’t update quantities after each order…

ETA: Supposedly, Pagoda and Jewel Blue. I guess we’ll see how it shakes out! :help:

Just thought i would point out it doesn’t look like the numbers are updating on there so i have a feeling some of us are going to be disappointed.

Oh and it isn’t just the Malabrigo on sale. i was looking around their site and it looks like just about everything is on sale.

Thanks so much!!!
Ohhh, I just purchased an INSANE amount of Malabrigo. It is my absolute favorite yarn and soooo worth every penny at the regular price. cloud9 I could not resist at this sale price. Oh I hope, I hope they still have some left for me still! :pray:

I noticed that too. She is quick to respond by email if she doesn’t have the quantity to fill your order and will offer alternatives.
I ordered last night and Jody already informed me that the shipment was going out today!:woot:

Well…I didnt’ get the mmmmalabrigo but I did get the Lorna’s Laces Lion and Lamb in Aslan!!! I’ve wanted it forever and well…I couldn’t resist this time. :slight_smile: I bought all 7 skeins she had. :yay:

OMG- thanks so much- I investigated and not only did they have the Adrienne Vittadini pattern book on sale that I’ve been wanting- the yarn for the sweater I want from it was half price too!!! and I bought my first skein of tofutsies so I’ll be ready to try socks!! There are a bunch of patterns on sale as well as yarn. some things are sold out- but there was plenty of MMM left, as well as Tofutsies and Lornas Laces! (and the shipping was cheap!) :clink:

:yay: She just called me to tell me she didn’t have as much of the Pagoda as I ordered, and helped me find another color. GREAT customer service! :thumbsup:

oooh thank you! I ordered some to try finally, and some Tofutsies, and Panda Cotton…and…lol sigh

OMG!!! I thank you for posting this - my credit card on the other hand is mumbling curses :roflhard: Can’t wait to see what I actually get of what I ordered! Tried for lots of different things as there were all kinds of yarns I’ve been wanting to try…didn’t even pick out all I wanted and still had to go back and cut my shopping cart in half:roflhard:

AAARGGHHH! She ships worldwide, but Israel is not in the list of the countries, so i can’t check out!!!:hair::hair::hair:! I hope my Malabrigo will last :pray: