Mmm Corn fritters

My grandma used to make corn fritters and I remember them clearly… sweet and salty with a little bit of curnch.

Today I saw them made on a TV show so I ran in the kitchen and whipped out a batch. Delicious!!!

Its funny how certain things are tied to memories like, the smell of lilacs takes me back to grandmas yard and the taste of corn fritters back to her kitchen.

I know what you mean. I love corn fritters but the thing that I remember from my childhood was my grandmother’s sour cherry pie. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :drool: :drool: :drool:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

My grandma was the worst cook - she has been gone for over 10 years but we still make fun of her cooking.

But I love corn fritters Chel - so please share your recipe!

Farmstand Corn Fritters
Serve these crisp corn fritters with almost anything from the grill. The batter can be covered and refrigerated up to 4 hours.

Makes 12 fritters
[B]1 1/2[/B]pounds fresh corn[I] (2 large or 3 to 4 medium ears), husks and silk removed[/I]
1 [COLOR=#0000ff]large egg[/COLOR][I] , beaten lightly[/I]
[B]3[/B]tablespoons [COLOR=#0000ff]all-purpose flour[/COLOR]
[B]3[/B]tablespoons [COLOR=#0000ff]cornmeal[/COLOR]
[B]2[/B]tablespoons heavy cream
[B]1[/B]small shallot[I] , minced[/I]
[B]1/2[/B]teaspoon [COLOR=#0000ff]table salt[/COLOR]
Pinch cayenne pepper
[B]1/2[/B]cup corn oil[I] or vegetable oil, or more as needed[/I]

  1. Using chef’s knife, cut kernels from 1 to 2 ears corn and place in bowl (you should have about 1 cup whole kernels). Grate kernels from remaining 1 to 2 ears on large holes of box grater (you should have generous 1/2 cup grated kernels) into bowl with cut kernels. Using back of knife, scrape any pulp remaining on all cobs into bowl. Stir in egg, flour, cornmeal, cream, shallot, salt, and cayenne.

  2. Heat oil in large heavy-bottomed, nonstick skillet over medium-high heat until shimmering. Drop 6 heaping tablespoonfuls batter in pan. Fry until golden brown, about 1 minute per side. Transfer fritters to plate lined with paper towels. If necessary, add more oil to skillet and heat until shimmering; fry remaining batter. Serve fritters immediately.

I got the recipe from the America’s Test Kitchenwebsite. I love that show.

*note: I omitted the cayenne on the basis of being too lazy to go to the grocery store and mine turned out fine.

mm they sound yummy!

Ohhhh. Mmmmmmmmm. Thanks for sharing that recipe.

my mom used to make corn fritters,it’s been a long time ,thanks:muah:I’ll have to make some for my kids!

Do you put maple syrup on your corn fritters? I swear I went to a craft fair one year and had corn fritters with maple syrup on them.

Some do, but I always prefered mine with ketchup. But then again I prefered everything with ketchup.

:shifty: My parents even nicknamed me “The Ketchup Kid”.

Oh, Gawd. I need these. :wipes a little drool:

This weekend, for sure.

Yum. That recipe is very similar to my own. The biggest difference would be that I add a bit of sugar.

My daughter almost lived onthose things… When she was pregnant… I made them 7 times a week…

This last time she was pregnant, her hubby called me at 3:00 am to ask for the receipe…lol I had to reask him 3 times what he wanted… he simply stated. “She is craving those fried corn things…”

I found the receipe, gave it to him… and lol

He made them and to this day still does… My granddaughter loves those things… MY grandson loves them… at 6 months… he has excellent taste… my son in law… will eat maybe 1/2 of one… but he does all the frying cause he doesn’t want her to get popped on…

Isn’t that sweet? lol

Well, you’ll find no proof in my house that I actually made them.

All proof has been devoured.