MLK inspired knitting

Hello everyone,

Happy Martin Luther King Day and week. It’s been a while since I’ve posted.

I’d like to share with you a pattern I published here on two years ago, called Unity.


Created in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, it’s about furthering Dr. King’s beautiful vision of unity across race through active self education about racial inequity and injustice, and supports the knitter’s journey through educational resources that I’ve personally found helpful. To take it one step further than the pattern speaks to, I encourage knitters to put their education into action, by looking for and taking action to further equity and justice in some way. All proceeds of this pattern will go to organizations continuing MLK’s work.

An important note about the pattern is that it is an advanced pattern whose simple-looking motifs actually require not just the usual two color-work techniques of intarsia and color stranding, but a complicated hybrid of the two employed simultaneously right from the get-go. Beginner-intermediate knitters would probably find it more enjoyable to knit the items in the solid background color and use duplicate stitch to embroider the color figures after the fact, perhaps loosely stitching some guideline stitches for reference before proceeding. Then sit and enjoy the relaxing embroidery process, along with My Grandmother’s Hands, or whatever audiobook you are using to further your understanding. :slight_smile:


Lovely to see this sweater today on Martin Luther King’s birthday.

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