ML question

So, I decided to try ML for the first time the other day. I think I’m in love. My question is…the needle I’m using is only 29 inches. Everything I’ve seen for ML says to use a needle that’s 32 inches or more. While it’s a little tight for my liking, I’m doing okay with the 29 inch one. Should I bite the bullet and go get a 32 inch one, or would it be okay to stick with the one I have?

As long as it works, you can stick with what you’ve got. Mostly I do only a half ML (something I made up about 30 yrs ago) by just looping the right needle only. This works well with 24" needles or other sizes that might be a bit short for the double loop.

sure, i guess

suzeeq, do you mean you use a separate needle as your working needle so you don’t have to pull both ends of the ML needle around to start knitting again? Just trying to picture if thats what you mean. Great idea! Sounds like it would work well.

Of course I may be completely off-base, too :teehee:

alleusion, I would just use what you have for now-and if you decide you like the method, go ahead and get a longer needle later if you want to try it with a longer cable.

Good luck!

No, I just use one needle. I let the stitches sit on the left needle and cord for however they sit, that leaves a little bit of the cord and the right needle empty. Then I start knitting with the right needle. It’s like the magic loop only there’s just one loop on the right instead of one on the right and the left.


Think Suzeeq means something like this - I’m sorry, there doesn’t seem to be any sound on this video but you can see the general idea

Hope it helps.

All the Best


Yup, that’s it exactly… though I’d never use needles that tiny! :lol:

I think this is what I’m doing. Maybe I didn’t pay attention to the ML video well enough, I thought there was only one loop. Either way, it works for now and hopefully in a day or so, I’ll have a nice hat to show off (and keep my head warm!).

The regular magic loop uses really long circs - over 36" and maybe a smaller number of stitches. You CO, and pull the cord through the sts about halway around making two sets of sts and 2 loops once you start knitting. I like my way better unless I’m down to less than 20 sts, I don’t have to fiddle with them as much.