ML & decreasing for the crown of a hat?s

Okay, this is the first time I’m using the ML method to knit a hat. Usually I end up using DPNS when I get down to about 42 sts and place 14 stitches on each of 3 DPNs. With ML, I spllt the stitches evenly–45 on each side of the main loop after I casted on and just before joining.

Now, I’m about to begin decreasing, and thought I probably should have split the stitches between even numbers, like 46 on one side of the loop and 44 on the other, which I still can do prior to the first decrease round. Is my summation correct? TIA

Yep, that’s right. And if you don’t have it split quite right you can do so at any point by pulling all the stitches back down onto the cable of the circ and pulling the cord out at a different spot.

Thanks, for the quick response. Off to finish my hat!