my directions say MK (make not) knit into front, back and front of next sts (count as 1 sts throughout).

My question is, isn’t this really make one? if I have to knit the next stitch, do I skip that one and start the pattern again per directions? How do I count it as one? I am not sure what they mean by count as 1 sts throughout.

It sounds like you are supposed to make some sort of knot stitch which is to be counted as one st throughout your pattern. The knot st would be performed in several steps but they were all to be counted as one thing when completed. But, as you point out this is an increase they seem to be giving you here and not a knot. Knitting into the front, back, front of the next stitch will make 1 st into 3 sts thereby increasing 2, but producing no knot. Did you quote the directions for the knot correctly? If so, I surely don’t understand what they are doing here either.:??

What is the next direction, or for the next row? It may be that you inc to 3 sts, you will also turn and p3tog on the same row and go on to the next stitch, or purl them tog on the next row.