Mixing yarns in a sweater

I’m wanting to knit a raglan sweater with a striped body and solid sleeves. I have some yummy Artyarns Supermerino, but I don’t have enough for a sweater and I can’t find all the colors I want in that brand. Can I mix it with, say, Cascade 220 Superwash (so both yarns will be washable)? Both are worsted weight; I’m hoping they will knit up to the same gauge. I don’t have any Cascade 220 Superwash yet, but it comes in LOTS of colors.



As long as they knit up for you at the same gauge, I don’t see a problem. I think I’d make two separate swatches and wash them, since in my experience some superwash wool stretches and some doesn’t–so rather than have a nasty surprise later on, check now.

Thanks, Ingrid. I will be sure to make swatches of both kinds.


It might be easier and equally informative to do a swatch with both in it, in a similar pattern (e.g. same-width stripes)?