Mixing yarn

Hi, all! I am making yet another hat and I am using up some extra yarn. One color is black Cascade washable wool and the other color is an acrylic Vanna’s Choice by Lion brand (icy blue). I thought the colors would look cool together, but will they wash well together? Like, will acrylic yarn combined with wool yarn, both washable, come out OK?

I would post some pictures of FOs but I can’t seem to get my MacBook to cooperate. Pics come off an iPhone and I can’t seem to post them from either Itunes or Flickr. The things the instructions say to click on simply aren’t there. Anybody have the same problem?

Also finished a hat today with a three needle bind off. I did part of it correctly, but the rest didn’t “take” and I pulled the needle out of a whole row of live stitches. Luckily I realized it and got the needle back in, mostly, but ended up also using a paper clip and a scalpel by the time I rescued it! Once I got back home I sewed it all shut w/ yarn and a needle. That is one seam that will NEVER come undone now!

They should be okay, BUT the only way to know for sure is to make a swatch and wash it like you would the hats.

I post from my iPad fine and it also works from iPhone. I have to attach the photos by clicking the paper clip icon at the top of the post. Then click ‘choose file’ and then click ‘choose existing’ and it goes to your photos.

I use the Yarma app to post pics directly on Ravelry and/or Flickr.

Hmmm…I never see a paper clip anywhere!

I’m on my iPad right now. Here’s a screenshot I just took. I cropped, resized and added an arrow with an app called Photopad. I attached it with the paper clip.