Mixing yarn types

Can I mix yarn types? I was given some nice wool yarn. The tag says
heavy weight 100% virgin wool. Approx 190 yds- 4 oz or approx 174 M - 113g. I want to make a double knit pair of mittens and I want to use another wool that says 100 % wool, 2 ply medium 100g or 3.5 oz pure virgin wool.

the latter seems a little more beefy

Is it okie?

They’re both wool, I don’t know if your second yarn’s yardage is similar which would make them approximately the same weight - as in thickness.

I was concerned that having two different types if they got wet they would shrink funky because they are different

If you’re felting the project then it is possible they will felt differently. I recently made felted slippers and I originally chose two different 100% wool yarns for sole and upper. I made a swatch first and felted it to see what the results would be. One of the yarns didn’t felt near as much or as quickly which made them unacceptable for the slippers and I had to choose a different yarn.

So… Consider what you’re making and swatch it first. Wash and block or felt it as the project will be and you can tell if it’ll work for your project.

Just getting them wet wouldn’t necessarily shrink them unless you plan to felt them.

Make a small swatch of the two stranded together and wash it.

That’s what I do when I have 2 or more stranded together. I have stranded 4 at the time. It can be bothersome, but I love the resulting sweater I made from it.

I think she wants to do double knitting, not double the yarns together. But making a sample like she wants to knit and washing it is a pretty good way to find out whats going to happen.

Thanks so much for all the help:) I made a swatch stranding the 2 different yarns together and it came out fine. Thanks so much for all the help.

I did not read it correctly. My bad.