Mixing yarn types, OK or NG?

Hello, I’m working on my first project, a baby blanket of knitted squares crocheted together. Most of my yarn is the same brand & manufacturer, but I want to use a different brand for the edges, and possibly some of the squares, and I’m wondering if that’s likely to be a problem. The squares are 20% wool/80% acrylic; the other stuff is 100% acrylic, but has similar thickness and washing instructions.

Are the yarns likely to stretch/shrink at different rates? Enough to ruin the project? I’m assuming not, but I’ve heard about making assumptions…

Is mixing yarns ok for a baby blanket, but a bad idea for (i.e.) a sweater?

Thanks for the help!

They should work out fine since you’d wash them the same. You could work up a sample using some of both yarns and wash it to check on how it does.

I agree. The majority fiber is acrylic so it should be fine. I use a lot of Plymouth Encore for hats and I mix it with various fibers and it always seems to be fine.

I think doing a quick swatch with both yarns and then wash how the object will be washed and you can see it to make sure. For instance if the object will be thrown in the washer and dryer…do that with the swatch.

Also…you can see in Artlady’s post about the baby vest…she used two different yarns with different content. :thumbsup:

Thanks, a swatch is a good idea- probably why I didn’t think of it. :wink: