Mixing WOTA and another yarn when felting

I was thinking about knitting and felting some eyeballs for Halloween. I have plenty of WOTA for the iris color, and bloody veins, but KnitPicks is all out of WOTA in white. Has anyone ever mixed another brand of wool yarn with WOTA and had good felting experiences?


I haven’t done mixed them, but Patons Classic Wool felts nicely. White yarns sometimes do not felt well though so the only way to tell is get a ball and do a swatch.

I was told at my local yarn shop I could mix wools with no problems. WRONG and EXPENSIVE mistake. I mixed cascade and lambs pride and they did not felt alike at all. I had some puckering and tightness on one and they just didnt really work. Now I usually use one brand only on each project. I never mix anymore as usually like hats and purses uses double strands and it was too expensive a mistake to have happen again.