Mixing odds and ends

Just wondering, am working on a scarf and using up dabs of yarn, some are regular weight, like super saver, and some are sport weight- will that work ok with a scarf?

Hmm…I think it will as long as you don’t expect the fabric to look like it would with all one weight. I think a scarf is a good choice for this method really. I say go for it and after 5-6" if you don’t like frog and find something else.

Sounds fun. You could consider using two strands of yarn at the same time, too. That could give an interesting effect. Let us know what you come up with, please.

I knew I had seen a pattern for a scarf using several different sizes of yarn, and here it is!

I’m not overly crazy about this design, but you might like it or it might spark some ideas about how to use up your stash.

Good luck!

This is more what I pictured a scrap scarf looking like.

it will be one of a kind for sure!

You can always make a scarf using double knitting (my new addiction). :slight_smile:

uhhh…double knitting?

I’m not sure why she suggested double knitting specifically other than it makes a truly reversible scarf.

With the lighter weight yarn you could do a more open stitch pattern, the heavier weight a more closely woven stitch, example here:

It could be fun to leave lengths of yarn at the beginning and end of rows in particular sections and knot them to form a fringe. And if you are looking for a more consistent width, maybe try knitting the heavier yarn in a smaller sized needle than the lighter yarn.

Have fun :x: