Mixing dye lots - how devastating is this?

i know that there are some yarns where differing dye lots are like INSANELY different, but if you’ve got a company where that’s not the case, is it still REALLY bad to mix if you have to? I’ve heard people say to alternate balls when you’re doing this to kind of offset any slight difference… can you get away with this in like a sweater or is it just best to avoid if possible?

thanks! :slight_smile:

If you were doing colorwork I wouldn’t worry about it. Because the colors are changing all the time but if it’s a solid color I would at least make sure that the body is one dyelot and that the sleeves could be another. That way it’s not near as noticeable then if it were within on single piece. But you could also towards the end of one dyelot, alternate rows from one to the other for a few and then continue in the new one.:knitting:

i agree with fibre.

example: verigated yarn. I was crocheting my son an afghan (first time, before i knew about dye lots) and there wound up being more of one color in one skein than there was in another…

i ran ito this again with the weasley sweater. What you DON’T see on the picture is that just before I got to the last repeat on the first sleave, i was almost out of yarn on that ball and only had one more ball (which was in use because i did both sleaves at once to make sure they match). I got down to the last repeat for the decrease and switched to a new skein that i purchased a couple months after starting the sweater. the colors are only very slightly off…

so the answer is; it depends.

and there are several different ways of “fixing and mixing” the discrepencies between two dyelots; which is best depends on what kind of project you are doing, how bad the discrepency is, etc.

You got it! Real men knit LACE- I LOVE that.

thanks everyone!!! i think i may have figured out a solution that is agreeable to me in several ways, but now need to post a question in the how-to’s. :slight_smile: