I am making mittens! Kinda difficult because I’m a new knitter and never used double pointed needles. Or circular needles, for that matter, until recently. But I’m getting the hang of it! Sorta. :muah: on the bright side, the yarn is really soft!

If you have any problems just look at some of Amy’s videos. If they can’t help just ask and someone will help you in a heartbeat.

I’ve knit for so long it’s embarrassing to admit, but you are AHEAD OF ME! I have never tried a mitten, glove or sock! You are inspiring! Anxious to see your finished project!

Weeellll :aww: my mittens failed. I guess mittens were not a good project to attempt DPNs on.

I haven’t tired to do mittens on dpns just circulars and flat. I admit the circulars ware MUCH easier to make. I can get two mittens done in three days just about (I made a lot in the past two years. I want to say at least seven pairs)

try the circular ti’ll be better :smiley: