Here is a couple pair of mittens I finished up this month. The Bird in Hand was started back in Dec but after knitting mom’s, my wrists just couldn’t take the worsted on size 1s.

Pattern:Bird in Hand
CO: 12/07
FO: 8/08
Needle: 1s
Yarn: Misti International Hand dyed and Brown sheep Nature spun

2nd Mitten

Pattern: [U][COLOR=#000000]Norwegian Mittens (May)[/COLOR][/U] by Elizabeth Zimmermann
CO: 8/08
FO: 8/08
Needle: 4s
Yarn: KP’s telemark in Navy and light blue

Excuse how they look I was getting ready to pin them down to block when I took the photos…so they are not blocked yet :teehee:

Wow! They are beautiful. I LOVE THEM:heart::inlove:

Very pretty!




:woohoo: Wow those look fantastic!! Looks like lots of love went into making them. - Trisha

Gorgeous! But worsted on size 1’s!!?? Isn’t the fabric stiff?

Gorgeous! But worsted on size 1’s!!?? Isn’t the fabric stiff?

That is exactly what I was going to write. They’re beautiful, but my hands would never be able to do it.

Those are beautiful! Knit that tight I bet they are really warm too!

Libbie :slight_smile:

Oh my gosh, they’re beautiful!

they are gorgeous!

WOW! Great job!

Thanks everyone! :hug:

I thought it would be too but it’s not…they are just really warm and I added in a place in the back of them for your fingers. I would love to make another pair in green and white but I doubt I will :teehee:


AWESOME!!! They are beautiful and look so WARM!

They look wonderful.

They are stunning . They look like such a lot of work has been put into them . Nice job:)

Simply gorgeous work as always!!! :muah:

very nice!

Oh good! I bet they are warm!