Can you knit mittens on circular needles? The only patterns I have seen for mittens are on double pointed needles, and I can’t/don’t know how to knit that way. Thanks for the help!

well if you knit them on circs i think you are going to have to knit for small diameter knitting. basically the smallest circs that i have ever heard of is 12 inch. trying to wear a pair of mittens that are 12 inches in diameter could be difficult. there is the link to the page with the magic loop and two circs methods though…you can certainly try those out!

Brenda’s right–you can only use circs in the ‘normal’ way for something that is at least as big around as the circs are. Then you have to go to dpns or another circ technique.

There are mitten patterns that are knit flat, with a seam, if you don’t want to tackle dpns. I say to give the dpns a shot, though. They’re really not that difficult and it’s an excellent skill to have.

I have the Knitty Gritty episode of knitting mittens that is super easy. I could make a copy and send it to you if you like.

I say go for the dpn’s! I was very afraid of them first, but now I really like how easy they make small diameter knitting. My biggest tip would be to buy GOOD NEEDLES! I recently bought better dpn’s and now realize the reason I had so much trouble with it as I was starting out. Oh yeah, and for making things like gloves or socks I would say buy the shorter ones, like 15cm or so, it makes a big difference. I’m currently knitting gloves on them and its great.