Mittens Help! Turn & Cast on?

I’m still a beginner to knitting and am learning entirely on my own. I began knitting a pair of mittens for Christmas and found instructions on how to do so online, but I cannot seem to figure out how to do this one part properly and I am afraid of messing up if I misunderstand something!
The instructions say "11th row: K27. Turn. Cast on 1 st. P13 (including cast on st). Turn. Cast on 1 st. K14."
I’ve read multiple articles online and do not know how to properly turn and cast on immediately after. I tried to wrap & turn but could not figure out how to cast on a stitch immediately after or if that was even the correct thing to do. Please explain to me how I am to do this!

Can you give a link and pattern name if possible?

Welcome to the forum!
Yes, a pattern link is always helpful.
It sounds like the thumb on the mitten. Turn after you k27 so that the purl side is facing you. Leave the other sts on the needle. You’ll get to them later.
To cast on a single stitch, you can take the working strand of yarn which is hanging off the tip of the left hand needle and cast on a stitch using the thumb loop method.

You don’t need to wrap and turn here.