Mittens for Babes

[color=blue]Good morning. I am looking for favorite baby mitten patterns. My daughter has requested mittens for my grandson… without thumbs. I have never made mittens lol. Would love it if some favorites could be shared. Thanks so much!

southern maine

There are all KINDS of mittens HERE

Oooohhh…mittens without thumbs are really easy. I used the basic pattern from the book, Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns. I put a link below.

Basically, I followed the pattern and just left out the thumb gussett, so it’s just ribbing for the cuff, knitting in the round for a few inches and decreasing. Then I made a 2 stitch I-cord for a string to attach to the mittens, so when they come off, they don’t get lost. We always called it an “idiot string”, but I’m not sure that’s politically correct. :oops:

Ya know my expereince has been that babies pull these things off ALL the time. (ditoo for booties) unless they are tied on somehow. My advice: go with something with ties. :thumbsup: