Mittens (fm: Mittens & Hats for Yarn Lovers)

Hi there,

I am a beginner and trying to work on this mitten pattern

I am not sure what I did wrong. The result (from Row 14 to Row 18) is so different from the pattern’s picture. It is not forming the white dots correctly.

Here are my pictures…


Can anyone help me to figure out what I did wrong or any suggestion?

Many thanks.


Your first 2 pictures look right. These look like rows 13 and 14 are the last ones worked. The 3rd picture seems like the place where things have gone wrong and this would be row 15. On this row you’re working with black yarn and the black st from the previous row is increased by k1, yo, k1 [I]into one stitch[/I]. It should be like the k1, yo, k1 in row 12. One st increases to 3sts. Then you slip the next 3 sts (white) and repeat around. You won’t be working the white sts with the black yarn. If you Google k1, yo, k1 in one stitch you can find videos to show you this st. I would go back to row 15 and try it again.

ok. thanks.
I thought I did the [k, yo, k] right, end up I was wrong. :frowning:
I wish the pattern told how many sts I should have at end of each row.

Ah yes, then maybe you should also check the (k, yo, k) into the next st in round 12 also. If you cast on 40 sts, by the end of round 12 you should have 60sts. (At the end of round 14, 40sts; round 15, 60sts; round 17, 40sts.)

yup. I did check it. :slight_smile:
Many thanks Salmonmac

Finally I got my first changing color mittens done.

Thing I do not understand is why are the purl sts on top of every white dots is so obvious.
I tried to pull it tight when I knit, but it still having the same problem.
I found it was so hard to knit/purl the p2tog/p3tog. It is so tight and hard to get the needle through the sts.

What did I do wrong? Any advice?



I suppose if you wanted the dot to be less of a bump you could knit all the white sts but I think part of the pattern is that the dot stands out from the background without being a bobble.
If you’re knitting tightly, that’s going to make the p2tog and especially the p3tog, difficult. Try to loosen up a bit even if only on these sts in the previous row.
I think you did a great job on the mitts. They look perfect! Well done.