Mittens don't fit right - solution?

So my third project was a pair of mittens to match my scarf (first project) and hat (second project). The mittens are knit on two straight needles and seamed. They fit well, except that they keep sliding down my hand. They would stay in place if they were about an inch narrower around the wrist - they are kind of baggy there right now, yet stay in place well when pinned tighter. Short of taking the whole thing apart down to the wrist (which means basically starting over), is there a solution?

Would it work to cut out the seam and just bring the seam in at the wrist? Or would that be weird?

well i probably wouldn’t cut it out if i could avoid it, only so that you don’t have to reseam the whole thing, but that would depend on how you seamed the mittens i suppose. but yes, my suggestion would be to just bring the seam in further. it will create a bigger seam ridge inside though so that might bother you some. you will have to decide that though. :slight_smile: