Mittens: Cuff Size

I’ve just started making mittens!

It says to cast on 21 stitches for the cuff, for the size of my hand. The mittens are seamed at the sides when you’re finished … and 21 stitches does NOT look big enough to wrap around my entire wrist. I just made a fingerless glove for practice, and for that pattern, 40 stitches were required. It was a little big, but 21 stitches is tiny.

Should I just trust it, and go ahead?

are you using the same needles, yarn weight, and stitch pattern as you did for the fingerless gloves?

… good points. Because I’m not, haha.

Slightly bigger needles, but a much much smaller yarn. In fact it isn’t even yarn, it’s that crazy polyester material with little fuzzies sticking out everywhere, lol. I guess I should try to find the number of stitches that will cover my wrist?

Are you working the cuff in ribbing? Ribbing will stretch.

Novelty type yarns may have a think string in the middle, but they are generally considered bulky, if I’m thinking of the right kind.