Mittens-casting on in middle of round?

The pattern says to use the “backwards loop” method. I see from video here that that is also called Single Cast On.

I get it, I just don’t understand how to do this in the middle of a round. I’ve put the thumb gusset stitches on a stitch holder. I’m trying to add the extra stitches as directed on a dp needle, but I get a long strand of yarn in between the stitch holder and my new dp needle. Since these extra stitches I’m casting on are to “close the gap,” it seems odd that I am creating one!

Any tricks I should be aware of? This is my first pair of mittens. I figured if I’ve handled socks, I should be able to make mittens, right? :wink:

You’ll have the right side of your work facing you and the dpn held in your right hand will have the working yarn coming from the first stitch. Backward loop cast onto the right needle however many stitches specified, and then you will essentially need to re-join in the round with the dpn on the other side of your thumb gusset (which are now on hold). Backward loop cast on stitches can seem a bit loose at first but once you knit a few more rounds, incorporating those new stitches, it will start to look more normal.

I left the 4 new stitches on my stitch holder…not sure if I needed to include those in my next round. I believe I tried to stitch into them (placing them on my left-hand needle), but they were waaay too tight, so I put them back on the stitch holder (essentially, my right-hand needle at the time).

I definitely see what you mean about loose stitches in the next few rounds, but they have tightened up nicely.

Just not sure I should have left those new stitches on the stitch marker with my 9 thumb stitches…then again, they were awfully tight to stitch into (could be my thin stitch holder).

Thanks so much!

On my last set of mittens ,to avoid those tight sts , I turn my work around and do a purl cable cast on for the four sts and then turn back and continue knitting. I think there is a vidio explaining cable cast on xxx ellie

The new stitches that you cast on are not part of the thumb gusset stitches. They need to be incorporated into the rounds that form the hand of the mitten. If you use backward loop, the stitches can be very awkward to knit into the first time around but after that you should be fine.

OY! I’m in trouble, then… :frog: Well, lesson learned for the matching mitten…thanks for all your help!