Mitten thumb increases

Help needed on a convertable mitten pattern please. I am struggling with the thumb increase round. It say start increases at group 1 stitches, but I don’t understand which stitches it is referring to. I started the increases in the middle of the 10 stitches created where my start of each round marker is, but the trouble I have is when I do M1R then place or pass marker (no idea which it means) knit round and do M1L it seems to be in the same place as the previous increase M1R. It just doesn’t look right. I have tried a test one just now, increasing within 2 markers instead but I’m still not sure. Any help would be really appreciated. I will try and attach some photos.

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Can you give us a pattern link or a pattern name?

Yes of course. I have been trying to add a photo, but struggling from an iPad. It’s Convertable Mittens by Silka Burgoyne on Ravelry. I am doing the size for 8yo and I am as far as thumb shaping x

Normally, those stitches you set aside have mirrored increases at either end of that section. Ten stitches sound about right for DK or sport weight. “Group 1 stitches” sound like the ones at the beginning of the round, especially if the pattern was originally designed for double-pointed needles.

Usually–[I]usually[/I], mind–you’d place a marker, start with a make 1 left, knit over to the last stitch, make 1 right, place a marker and knit on around. Themarker would remind you to increase the same way in that spot. In most glove and mitten patterns, once you get the extra stitches you’ll need for the way your thumb curves out from your hand, you will put them aside on a stitch holder and go on, possibly casting on some stitches to make the part of the glove that goes over the edge of your hand just above your thum.

I think this is where my problem is, the pattern says M1R then round to M1L, which sounds wrong. I have managed to get on my pc and I will try to upload a picture of then pattern x

It looks like this pattern is for magic loop. Group 1 sts are the ones on needle 1 (sts 1-26) and group 2 are the ones on needle 2 (sts 27-52). You don’t have to use magic loop of course but that’s what the “groups” refer to.
If you have a marker for the beginning of round then that’s where the increases for the thumb will go. Start the round with M1R, knit around to the end of round and M1L.

Not wrong, it just makes the increases stand out in the opposite pattern. Either way, you get that even row of increases that looks like a decorative seam. Nothing’s set in stone there–if you don’t like the way it looks, do it the other way round.

Thank you so much ladies. I think I am getting somewhere with putting 2 markers in and increasing between them. I guess they are only gloves that will inevitably get lost anyway and it’s all practice. I’m just a bit of a perfectionist, and from speaking to a lady who has used the same pattern last night, there are quite a few errors on it X

The pattern is not very user friendly as far as markers go. As Becky suggested, increases between markers is helpful and the common practice.
I’ve added in another marker in bold. If you increase before the first marker and after the second the shaping should be fine. You’ll end up with a number of sts between the markers for the thumb. Maybe that’s what you’ve decided to do already (or something similar).
Thumb Shaping
For thumb shaping, always work increase at the beginning of group 1 sts and work increase at the end of the group 2 sts.

Round 1 (Increase Round): M1R, pm, knit around,[B]pm[/B] M1L, : 38 [46, 50, 54, 58, 62] sts.

Just as an aside, I can’t recommend Amy’s mitten pattern highly enough. I still watch the video when I’m making mittens, and it is amazingly helpful (especially the thumb part!!!).

If you want to purchase a download that is clear, precise, and just all around wonderful, buy Amy’s. She’s a fabulous teacher!:cheering: