Mitten Thumb Help

I’m completely lost - any help would be greatly appreciated.

Pattern reads: k 10 rounds of color 1 and 10 rounds of color 2 Make the hole for the thumb by knitting a piece of yarn using scrap yarn in contrasting color. K 7 stitches then start knitting color 3. On the other side you will knit the contrasting yarn when 7 stitches of round 10 of color 2 remain. Scrap yarn will be pulled out when you start knitting the thumb, creating a perfect hole.

So I just knit 7 stitches basically at begining and end of round 1 with 3rd color?

Thank you in advance

You are going to take out the yarn after you finish the mitten. Take the yarn out slowly putting the live loops of yarn on your needles. If you are using double pointed needles or a circular needle and magic loop , the procedure is the same. Get the live loops on the needles. Then you can attach your yarn and knit the thumb with the color you are instructed to use… I find it easier to make the thumb as I go when knitting mittens I put the stitches on waste yarn and they hang out on it till I am ready to the thumb.

Thanks for your reply! I think I may be dense–so I knit the 14 (7 at the beggining 7 at end) regular just with contrasting yarn? Wouldn’t that leave live stitches top and bottom when I remove the contrasting yarn? Ahhh sorry my first pair of mittens!

Yes, it will leave live stitches, that’s the idea. Can you link to your pattern or give us its name please. It would help to see what you’re working on.

The pattern is ‘From Norway with Love’ I found on Ravelry. Just finished the hat and it’s adorable:) just these dang mittens…

Yes, you will want the live stitches. If you read ahead a bit you’ll see that later on the waste yarn is removed and you place the 14 stitches on the needles for the thumb.

I believe you can see the pattern at

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me!

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This pattern is written in that very careful way that can be confusing. You only want to knit 7sts total with the scrap yarn for the thumb. Knit 7sts with the scrap yarn, then continue the round with color 3. When you come to the 7sts on scrap yarn, knit across them with color 3 and continue knitting rounds.
When it comes time to take out the scrap yarn, yes, you’re right, you’ll have 14 loops. Well, you’ll have 7 live sts on the bottom and 6 loops on top of them. You can pick up an extra stitch at the gap between the top and bottom loops.

I’m so glad you posted this!! That was my main confusion --seemed like that would make the thumb half the size of the mitten but I was just gonna go with it. Fortunately I only have a few rows to take out. Thank you so much!!