Mitten Thumb Confusion

I am working on these mittens
They are the first mittens I have done and I’m a bit confused about the instructions for the thumb separation. The mitten is knit flat and the thumb will be in the center of the flat piece. The instructions I’m confused about are:

K 22 sts, place these on a stitch holder. K 15 sts; place the remaining sts onto a stitch holder.

Then it goes on to tell me what to do with the 15 sts that are the thumb. I’m confused because if I knit the first 22 sts and put it on a holder then the working yarn will be on the holder. So…am I supposed to cut the yarn and start with new yarn on the 15 thumb stitches?

When you knit the 22sts the yarn will be at the end of the 22nd stitch. Put those 22 on a holder and use the working yarn to knit the next 15sts. Start with the 23rd stitch and knit the next 15. Those 15 thumb sts follow directly and you won’t have to cut the yarn in order to continue knitting them.