Mitten Shaping

I am a newbie knitter, and I had been looking all over the net for a pattern for small children mittens, that you could knit with two needles. I can do the dp’s with my size, but I’m having a fight with smaller sizes on them. Getting to the point, I found some patterns and ended up throwing the mitten away, because I did not like the shape of the thumb gusset…shrugs Finally I found the right pattern was in my book stash all the time…geeesh!
I prefer the more rounded mitten tops also than the pointed ones for small children and I like the thumb to not look like somebody glued it on afterwards. I would like to get more into doing mittens, different shapes. Does anyone know of a good book on mittens I could purchase? Thanks… :knitting:

The pattern I started using also looked like the thumb was glued on afterwards. What I did, instead of 1 round after each increase, I do 2 rounds. It improves the shape immensely. Also, for smaller mittens, try using shorter needles. I find 2 needle mittens ugly, but your dpn’s might be more manageable if they were shorter.