Mitten question

What is the ‘best’ way to finish mittens?. You know, where the fingertips are? Is it better to knit down to just a few stitches and then draw the yarn through the last few? Or would I be better off doing a kitchner/grafting type thing (not that I’ve ever done one).:??:?? Any suggestions?



I always decrease untill i’ve got 12 stitces and then pull thru. I have seen people do it with Kitchener but it just looks like so much trouble. I may try it sometime but by the end of my MItts i just wanna be done with it.

I’ve always decreased to just a few and pulled the yarn through the loops too, but the next pair I knit I’m going to decrease on each side and then graft (similar to a sock toe). My mittens always seem a little loose at the fingertips, and I think that the side decrease and graft option may improve the fit.