Mitten Pocket Help Please

I’m trying to make the Oeuf Hug-Me sweater for my son for Christmas, but am stuck on how to make the pockets (shaped like mittens). I think it is probably too late to knit the pockets in, so I hope to knit the mitten halves and sew them on, but I can’t figure out what I need to do to get the rounded and flat mitten top.

What I have tried: cast on 25 stitches, St st for 2", then leave 18st on holder while I knit the thumb for another inch. Problem 1: how to shape the thumb?

Then continue St st for the body of the mitten for 2" more. Problem 2: how to shape the top of the mitten?

I have tried to convert regular mitten patterns but they are too pointy at the top.

Please help! Thank you.

You could start shaping the thumb by decreasing two, like knitting two together at each end, then knit even for a row, and decrease again.
Here is a link to make a rounded top for a mitten, Hope it helps.
You need Adobe Reader .

To get it more rounded, try ssk for the first 2 stitches and k2tog for the last 2. This way they’ll lean inward and help create more of a slope.