Mitten pattern

I’m planning to do this mitten pattern: I was wondering how you would carry the different colors in this pattern. Would you cut the yarn after doing the 2 rows of it, and then rejoin it next time it is needed? or would you carry it up and catch it under a stitch every few rows? Sometimes there are only 4 rows between, but other times there are 8 or 14 rows in between. I guess carrying the colors along would get quite messy with 7 balls of yarn attached all at the same time, but I was just curious. Thanks for any thoughts!

I would use a special technique making weaving in unnecessary and at the same time no jog when changing color.

When you finish the first round continue a few stitches around the same round (lifting up parent stitch and creating a stitch with double yarn). Then go around once more with the same color and do the same double stitches in the end of the round. Now you can cut the yarn and both tails can be considered woven in because of the double stitches. Move to a new place and begin with another color (because you do not want all the double stitches along the same columns) and use the same technique.


I think I’d have to try this to really see how it works but it sounds like a stroke of genius!

This sounds really interesting to me but I’m having trouble picturing what you’re saying. Do you have a link to a video or pictures…?

No, I do not have any video of this. Normally when you knit in the rounds you are actually creating a spiral. With the technique I am talking about you do no longer create a spiral, instead you knit a full cirlce/round and then you continue around the same round a couple of stitches, in a bit the same way as when creating twin stitches when doing the shadow wrap short row. After this you move up to the next round.

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I ended up using these techniques for joining colors and jogless stripes. I’m now a total convert to the concept of weaving in ends as you knit!!