Mitten pattern--Seed st?

Hi all.

I am looking for a mitten pattern for a four year old that will go with a scarf I’ve made her. The scarf is all in seed st. Are there any seed st. mitten patterns?


I would bet that you could do ANY simple mitten pattern in seed stitch…after the ribbing at the cuff, just seed away!

Try THIS PAGE. It has TONS of mitten patterns!

Thanks! That’s what I figured, but as I am new I figured I’d ask.

The first mittens I made were also my first attempt at ribbing. I ended up doing seed stitch instead of K1,P1 rib. They are darling even though they were a total mistake. DD gets tons of compliments on her mittens, then she shows them the holes at the base of the thumbs… The seed stitch cuff actually stays on just as well as the ribbed cuff, and they are a nice detail. The rest of the mitten, I was smart enough to know how to do stockinette. Sometimes stupid mistakes aren’t all bad… :lol: