Mitten Pattern Help

Greetings everyone - I’m a new knitter (all I’ve made is one ribbed hat) and new to these forums. Very glad to have found you guys, because I’m stumped by this pattern I’m working on.

It’s for mittens.

I have cast on 38 stitches and have 2.25’’ of k1,p1 rib per the pattern:

Using smaller needles and CC, CO 38 sts. Join for working in the rnd, being careful not to twist sts; place marker for beginning of rnd. Begin k1, p1 rib;work even until piece measures 2.25’’ from the begining.

The next step is where I’m a little confused-it tells me to:

Change to larget needles, MC and St st;* k19, M1;repeat from * around-40 sts. Work even as established until piece measures 3.5’’ from the begining.

How I all of a sudden go from my 38 stitches from my cast on down to 19 - or maybe I just don’t know how to read this pattern?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

You missed the part about [I]repeat[/I]. K19, m1, then repeat that and you’ll end up with 40 sts from the 2 increases.

I think I’m still missing it.

So right now I have 38 stitches on my needles. Here is how I understand my next steps:
[I think it might have just clicked as I am typing this - let me just clarify]
Knit onto my large needles 19 stitches, make a stitch, 19 stitches, make a stitch - and that’s all [B]one[/B] round.

Pretty sure I got it?

Thanks very much…I wasn’t thinking clearly about it.

Yes, that’s the first round. Knitting 19 sts twice uses your 38 sts, then you inc 2 stitches.