Mitten needle question

I am new to knitting and have only used the knit and purl stitch before… I recently made a scarf for my best friend for Xmas and I want to (attempt) to make mittens… I used size 16 needles for the scarf and used two balls of LION BRAND-Homespun yarn doubled up… should I use much smaller needles for the mittens? I want the scarf and mittens to look like they go together… Also do you prefer the double ended needle method or the ones that are connected? (sorry for not knowing all of the terminology)
thank you!! :muah:

You might be able to find a pattern for the mittens using doubled yarn, but may not be able to. They’ll still look like they go together if you use a single strand and smaller needles. Whether you use dpns (double pointed needles) or a circular one is up to you.

thank you for replying :smiley: The only thing ab single strand is i used two different colors (purple and rainbow-ish)… so if i used a single strand i would have to choose which color. the videos i have seen look very complicated so i feel a little intimidated just trying to jump into this. i read it’s personal choice, but i just wanted to hear from someone who has more experience which is “easier” or “better” in their opinion, dpns or circular ones.

For me, using 2 circs or Magic Loop is easier than juggling all the DPN, although I’ve used DPN many times. It’s the first couple rounds that are the hardest with DPN. Once you get going, it gets easier. Good luck!

There are mittens using bulky yarn (which would equal 2 strands together), but that’s not where I would start, if you haven’t made them before, just because managing huge needles like that will be difficult.
What are the 2 yarns you used? Can you give the brand name and actual yarn name? Such as-- Patons Classic Wool Stripes, or something like that- it’s on the label. Also on the label will probably be a little symbol of a skein of yarn with a number in it, ranging from 0 - 6. What is that number?
We can go from there in helping you find a pattern.

A hint: when you start knitting on DPNS, start with just a straight needle of the same size and knit for 3 or 4 rows. That way you have some fabric already started and then you can join them in a circle much more easily. When you are through, you use the cast on tail to sew up the gap of those few rows you knit straight.

She did name the yarn she used - Lion Homespun which is a bulky yarn.