mitten measurements

I am trying to knit by the inch and do not know what is meant by “top of cuff” to thumb opening for certain. She says "total length of mitten from top of cuff where stockinette begins to top of mitten is “total length of mitten”.

from the top of the cuff is where you stopped making the ribbing and went to knitting stockinette.
Most of the time when I knit mittens it is for an adult, it will be about 7-10 rows of stockinette from the top of the cuff to the start of the thumb increase. From then on, it is all stockinette. At a certain measurement the pattern should say to start decreasing to form the top of the mitten.


I wanted to let you know that thanks in large part to you I did learn to knit gloves with real fingers and can now do gloves in any size as long as I can figure out the cast on number. Patterns I’ve attempted to use don’t fit anyone I know but I can knit them anyhow without any pattern. I’m sure it was you who went out of your way to help me. Thank you so very much.

I am glad that I could help you, I am not an expert knitter since I am a self taught knitter.Some times I still make took me three trys that night I made the gloves for my daughter.