Mitten Knitting

I have agreed to teach a co-worker how to knit a mitten. In the past, I have always done my mittens on DPNs, but I got to thinking that I’m sure they could be done using two circs (which I’ve never tried myself, but aspire to). What do you all think - would it be easier for a beginner to learn to knit mittens on DPNs or should I try to figure out how to teach her on two circs? Any suggestions for particularly clear explanations on this?


Amy’s two-circ video is as clear as it gets IMHO…I never used DPNs and had hardly even done any circ knitting at all when I learned to do it this way, and I thought it was a snap! But that’s just me. :smiley:

I learned how to use two circs long after I knew how to use dpns and regular circs. I’m not sure if I would have understood how to work the two circs if I didn’t already have an understanding of circular knitting. But that’s just me.

I say got for it!!! You can do it! You might need DPNs anyway, for the thumb, unless you want to wait until the end and do the thumb last… OR you could do it on one long circ at the same time.