Mitten idea...but I don't know how to create a pattern

Hello wonderful people of Knitting Help!!

I was looking for mitten patterns the other day and I thought of an idea that I would LOVE to knit, but I am not cool enough to create a pattern for it. Maybe some of you have ideas…or have already seen a pattern like it?
My idea is for the most part pretty basic. I’ve already thought of a name…ahahah: ‘Heart in Hand’. It’s basically just a regular mitten, (like this only without the stripes: but with a different coloured heart in the palm. What do you think?
happy knitting!


Your link doesn’t work, so we can’t see the design you are referring to.

Here is the corrected link(you had a ‘)’ at the end of it).

Instead of going through the hassle of creating your own mitten pattern, why not take an easy one off the internet and just add a heart chart? :shrug:

The easiest way would be to just make a plain mitten, then add a heart with duplicate stitch.

Here’s a pattern that you could take a look at:

Ann Norling Basic Mittens on 4 Needles
(the blue one in the picture has a heart on it)