Mitten/glove gussets...ladders!

hey everyone,

help please! i’m attempting to knit gloves and mittens for the first time but i’m having trouble with the finger gussets. after i pick up my stitches i find that i get a ladder on either side of the gusset. why do i always get these gaps? i’ve tried knitting tighter, but it doesn’t seem to help. should i pick up more stitches than the pattern calls for? am i picking up my stitches at the wrong place? HELP please!

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I will eagerly be awaiting any replies you get on this! I have the same problem (only tried mittens though). My problem seems to be where I have cast on extra stitches around the thumb hole- then when I have to pick them back up they seem gappy.

Try this. When you knit to the end of a row on a dpn, knit a few more sts from the next needle. Then start using your new needle again. Do this for each needle. Does that make sense?

thank you! unfortunately, i’ve actually tried that already. :frowning: thanks for your advice though. i really appreciate it. :wink:

How many stitches are you transfering before starting a new needle? Try 4 or 5 if you haven’t already.

Have you tried casting on a stitch or two in addition to picking up stitches? My fingerless mitt pattern calls for such a cast on, and there are no ladders or holes at the gusset.

thanks everyone! i tried my mitts again and voila, no holes! yay! i’m not quite sure what i did, really. but thanks to everyone that helped! :thumbsup:


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