Mitten flap help

I’m interested in making some convertible mittens, but I couldn’t find any patterns that I really like, so I’m thinking of making these fingerless mitts, and adding a mitten flap following the instructions for these mittens. If I’m understanding the pattern correctly, in order to make the flap, all you’re supposed to do is finish and bind off the fingerless part, then cast on half the stitches you will need for the flap, and pick up the other half of the stitches from the back of the finished fingerless part, knit those, and then work in the round. Is this correct?

I think you probably only need to BO the front/palm side of them and leave the sts live on the back side and cast on. That way you don’t have to pick up sts. Looks like that’s how the mitten with a flap is made.

Just follow the fingerless mitts pattern until you start the ribbing, then switch over to the flap pattern. You only need the ribbing on the front side, the back would be plain knit.

I actually tried something like that with a previous pair that I tried to make, but I didn’t like the way they looked. The flap didn’t really lay over the fingerless part correctly, and there was a pretty wide gap between the cast off and the mitten flap, and the only way they laid flat was to attach a button. So I thought picking up stitches a few rows down would ensure that the flap would lay over the fingerless part instead of just barely meeting, does that make sense? The “mittens with a flap” pattern actually says to knit a row of purls a few rows before the bind off, and then you pick up those purl bumps for the mitten flap.

Round 11: k20, p20 (The purl bumps mark the placement for the flap on the back of mitten.) Round 12: Knit around plain. Round 13: While decreasing evenly 4 sts around, work k2, p2 ribbing. Rounds 14-20: (k2, p2) around Bind off loosely, and cut yarn.

Flap: Cast on 18 sts to an empty dpn or the cable needle (if magic-looping). With same needle, and the mitten back facing you, wrist ribbing at the bottom, pick up and knit a stitch in 20 purl bumps on the back of the hand. Join and arrange these 38 sts to work in the round, 18 free sts, 20 sts on the mitten back.

Just want to make sure I’m understanding that correctly.

Oh okay, I didn’t read the mitten pattern through, didn’t look like the sts were picked up. So go ahead with the general guidelines for that pattern and it should work out.

When I was making convertible mittens for my daughter-in-law, I put the palm side stitches on waste yarn and purled back to where I dropped my main color and resumed knitting with my main color. After I had completed the mitten top I then go back and pick up the stitches on both top and bottom of the flap opening and knit the bottom ribbing first . The I see where it will lie and I sew it down with the tail of my bind off end and then I reattach my yarn and pick up the stitches for the top flap. I knit it till it is about 3 rows longer than the bottom flap’s end of ribbing where stockinette is. I try the mitten on as I am knitting it to see where the flap will fall or gape. If it gapes when on the hand, I knit a few more rows on the top flap. Once I have determined how many rows more I need,I knit them and then bind off and sew it down. I made 4 pairs of convertible mittens for 4 girls that came through my crossing I made their mittens the same way as my daughter-in-law’s mittens.