Mitten dead end

Okay have been sitting with a mitten waiting for me to ask this question for at least a week. now that i have the hat to match the mittens done i should probably ask the question huh?

anyway i have the cuff done. i am at the point in the pattern where i am pushing the thumb off to the side. there are 28 stitches on my DPNs. The instruction says, Put the first 4 stitches on a stitch holder and continue around. now my question is, am i putting them on the holder and THEN knitting or am i knitting them and then putting them on the holder. if i holster them first then i am sitting with this yarn on one side and my stitches i am suppose to work on the other side which leaves me with a strange string going across. and if i AM suppose to holster first, do i pull tight on that round to minimize that string jump thing that is there or do i knit it like normal and not worry about that extra space?

thank ya!

You put the stitches on the holder first… it may be easier to use a scrap piece of yarn, rather than a stitch holder, since it will be more flexible. The first stitch that you knit for that particular round will be the 5th stitch. Try to pull it tight so that there is as little gap there {with the yarn} as you can manage. The next round may tell you to cast on a stitch or two at this point {the pattern I use does}. When you go back to pick up the stitches to knit the thumb, a large gap will make a hole in the mitten. Clear as mud?

well yeah but i think it was because you were telling me what i basically already knew. just wanted someone to make me feel better about leaving that weird hole there! :wink:


Not a problem, and I was glad to help!

I drove my best friend batty with IMs and emails when I was working on my first pair of mittens! In fact, my pattern tells you to cast on two stitches where the “gap” is… I couldn’t manage to figure out how to cast on in the middle of the row, she couldn’t answer my emails fast enough since she was at work and doesn’t have MSN there, so I just MADE 2 stitches off of the yarn in the gap! :roflhard:

Here’s a little video from Knitty Gritty that shows how to do the thumb on a mitten. Scroll down a bit till you see the picture of the thumb and click on the link and a little video will pop up.,2025,DIY_14141_3053223,00.html

cool i will check that out later when i don’t need to pretend i am working! :wink: thanks!