Mitten cable pattern help, please

Okay, my first pair of mittens and I’m loving it, but I need some help.

I’ve done the ribbing and the first 7 rows of the cable pattern, now it says on the 8th row blah, blah, blah…knit evenly across needle 4;on subsequent even-numbered rows, k8, sm, k1, k1b into prev st, k to end.

In my language I understand this to read as Knit 8 sts, (sm) slip stitch marker??? knit 1, AND HERE’S THE KICKER: With left needle, pick up the st below the first st on the right needle and knit into it???, knit to end.

How do I do that last part the k1b into prev st. :wall: :wall: :wall:

I realize this is plain english but I must be over-thinking this darn thing.


There’s a video for it on this page:

Good luck!

Just looking at it again and not sure if that’s the same thing. The one on the video picks up the stitch with the right needle from below the first stitch on the left. :thinking:

No, I don’t think that’s the right video. :pout: But thank you for trying!

Ugh, I can’t continue until I get what they want me to do!!!

poor poor me… :teehee: :teehee:

I dunno, I’m reading it as knit into the back of the previous stitch, like a backward kfb??

Knit 1 below = Insert needle through center of st below next st on needle and knit this in the usual way, slipping the st above off needle at the same time.

This is one way to do it, and it kind of leaves a hole, or at least a long strand from the stitch slipped off the needle.

Or you can lift that stitch up onto the right needle and knit into the two stitches at the same time.
This creates a little inverted ‘v’ kind-of-sort-of.

That’s what I thought too, Ingrid, except that it’s asking her to use the left needle into the stitch below the first stitch on the right needle :??

OK! I get it now, I think. You’re going to knit into the stitch that’s below the stitch that’s at the end of the right needle.

You pick it up with the left needle and knit into it with the right, as normal. It will end up being an increase.

:hair: :hair: :hair: :whoosh: :whoosh: :whoosh:

okay, so after I knit the stitch before this crazy stitch I take the left needle and pick up the stitch below the last stitch I knit and knit into the back of it??? :wall: :wall:


Oh my god my brain is so not liking this stitch!! Oh well, I’m exercising my brain, that’s a good thing, right??? :rofl:

I don’t think you knit into the back of it. Pick up that stitch below the stitch so that it sits on the left needle as any stitch would, then knit it as usual.

That’s it??? :noway: That is what that stupid thing means??? :doh: :doh:

Thank you thank you thank you :notworthy: :notworthy:

You guys rock!!! :woohoo:

So have you tried it out?? Does it work? I’m curious because I’ve never seen that kind of instruction before.

Yes, in this case the b means below, not back. This is one of those cases where just doing what they say is what will show you what to do. :shrug:

Sorry, after I wrote that last post I finished our movie and went to bed, I’m gonna try it right now.

If you’re a religious person, say a quick one to the Big Guy upstairs for me. :teehee: :teehee:

Ummm, ehem, did I forget to mention that this particular stitch is the start of the thumb gusset…
my bad :teehee:

you may beat me now, gentle though… :whistle:


First I thank you again for helping me with this, BUT when I insert the left needle into the stitch below do I insert it from the front or the back??

And won’t I have too many stitches now???

If you’re working on the thumb gusset, you will be increasing stitches so it’s not that you’ll have too many, you want to be having more stitches.

Cool. :thumbsup: Thanks Knitqueen!!!


(sigh) I am beyond frustrated at the moment so forgive anything that sounds like a rant.

Okay, so I got to the stitch below put the left needle into it (from the front) and knit into it which did add another stitch.

I’m now on the next row and I’m supposed to knit all the way across, but when I get to the stitch before the increased stitch I knit that one and as I’m taking it off the needle it unravels the increased stitch. :gah:

What am I doing wrong[size=2]ggg[/size][size=1]ggg[/size]…

Should I try and post a picture?? Would that help?

I just tried it on some scrap yarn, just to see how it works. I picked up one loop of the stitch from the row below under the first stitch on the right needle and knit into it. On the next row, it was fine. Did you pick up the whole stitch, or just put your needle into one side?