Mitten and Gloves KAL

I thought that maybe some of you would like to join our monthly knit-along in the forum.

This month, we are making Mittens and Gloves! :slight_smile:

I’m sure you can find a charity that will appreciate a pair.

Hi Sandy

Gloves/Mittens will fantastic in the Rowan DK Soft I sent you :0)

Wow, Sandy! I feel God moving right now. I have been pondering making mittens/gloves for quite some time. My dad, deceased since 2001, used to give out gloves to the homeless. I’ve recently begun thinking that this would be something I could do to honor his memory.

I’ll have to check this out.

Thank you. :hug:

Count me in!

I try to keep mittens on a set of needles most of the time anyway, but it will be fun to knit with others and maybe I’ll expand my horizons a bit and try a pattern or two that I’ve been wanting to make, but haven’t understood. I’m sure that I’d find all the help I need right here on the forum. (I’ve always wanted to learn the “Windowpane” mittens, but have never figured them out).

I have 8 grandchildren to knit mittens for and 8 children, plus siblings, etc to knit gloves for and that is besides the donations I like to do, so this will be great.

My favorite local charity is the Battered Women’s Shelter, they are always in need of things such as this, so I will make that the charity I’ll donate mine to. I already have 8 pairs done for them, but I really need to use up some scraps and I can’t think of anything more fun to use scraps for than making mittens for little hands.

I LOVE that yarn! I can’t wait to work with it! cloud9

Wonderful plan, Nathalie! :thumbsup:

Excellent! Thanks for joining the KAL! :hug:

Count me in - I’ve never made mittens nor gloves before, but I have some yarn here that I think would be good for either. At least I hope that Lion Brand Wool-Ease will make good gloves!!!


[COLOR=“Green”][B][SIZE=“4”]How is everyone doing on their mittens?[/SIZE] [/B][/COLOR]

I am on my 5th pair since Thursday and am planning on going back to my regular projects during the week and working on the charity mittens on the weekends.

Wonderful work! :cheering:

I have 5 pairs done also - started on a hat today. I found that I love doing mittens - they’re so easy!!! I may do some more after I finish the hat. I really should work on the other stuff I have started too!!!

Way to go! :woohoo: