Mitt Trouble: Gaping thumb hole. Help?

I just finished my first ever piece of colorwork, yay! It’s Eunny Jang’s Endpaper Mitts. One of the problems I hope to sort out on my next one is this gaping hole by the thumb…does ayone have any tips on how I can avoid that?
I backward loop cast-on 3 stitches over the gap as the directions said, but it didn’t seem to help. Suggestions?

Thanks! :muah:

:happydance: They look great!!

What I normally do for the thumb is I pick up in the corners and I might pick up a st or 2 more and then the next round do a decrease till I even it back out… usually I’ll still have to go in and close in small holes :teehee:

I had the same problem and I made 3 mitts. The first one I just left it alone and the other 2, I just sowed it closed since I didn’t know what to do. I just thought it was my mistake.

Thanks! I’ll try to do that pick up thing and see if it helps. Glad to know it isn’t just me! :thumbsup:

It just made my day when I searched on THUMBS to figure out what I was doing wrong with the gaping hole - and realized that I wasn’t the only one. (Not that I wish trouble on others - just glad to know that I am not entirely clueless!) I’ve done four pairs of mittens this month - trying different patterns and ways to do the thumbs on each - and just kept getting the hole.
By this last time, I tried the “picking up extra stitches” method. It made the hole smaller but still there. I think it might depend on the yarn. Wool stretches - and there is pull and stress on the yarn at the point. There is a lot happening with the upper half of the mitten/mitt/glove and the lower half splitting up to allow you to shove some more stitches in there for a thumb. I would still love to see others weigh in on this - there has to be some magical way to avoid this. Weaving later works but adds bulk.
What else should we try???!!!

I make a couple pairs of mitts a month and i used to get that hole all the time but i have worked it out and now my thumbs are tight! All i do is when the pattern calls for me to pick up 3 stitches (this is when you’ve gone back to add the thumb onto the gusset) i just pick up 6 or as many stitches as i can and then i decrease them slowly into the next few rows. I also use a new piece of yarn to pick up or create the stitches i need instead of the older method of just sticking your needles into the loops that you think are stitches. I love this method and i look forward to doing it everytime! Nothing makes a nicer tighter thumb. I HATE HOLES! Good luck :slight_smile:

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I had the same problem. My hole wasn’t so large, but it was still there. When I made the second mitten, I made sure that while picking up stitches, I was placing the needle a little deeper into the stitch, so that it looked like there were 2 strands on my needle instead of one. Granted it still made a little hole, but nothing so huge and I was able to sew it up closed when I weaved in my ends.

Side note - the colourwork looks great!!

Well, as usual, I’m so glad I came here. I thought the holes were something I was doing wrong as well. I’ve made tons and tons of mittens but always ended up with a small hole or 2. I just sew them up and they look great. I guess I was doing the right thing after all and didn’t even know it! I feel so much better!